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Witches Abroad (Discworld Series)

Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett I think this book gives me a good idea of what the Discworld series as a whole is like, and I can pretty much sum it up in one word: cute. Well, maybe one more word: quirky. Quirky and cute. And those are two things that I can definitely appreciate.Witches Abroad (and the other Discworld books I plan to read) went by quickly. 350 pages in three days is quite a feat for me. However, I don't think this is the sort of material I could tackle all at once, and I plan on interspersing Pratchett's books with other authors, just for a little bit of variety. Quirky and cute is good, but gets old after a while. Give me some blood and guts to cut the sweetness. Give me some real life tragedy. Give me a dark, depressing introspection on the state of the human race. Give me cynicism or give me death.Discworld is the type of "genre writing" that most literary snobs would look down on just because it is a "lower grade" of writing. No value to it whatsoever, they would sniff. I beg to differ, and that is why I bumped my rating up from a three to a four. Yes, Granny and Nanny speak in colloquial vernacular. Yes, Witches Abroad is, in essence, a fairy tale, though with a subversion on the traditional expectations. Yes, this is a series written mostly for entertainment rather than a deep psychological examination of humanity. And yet, there is still a general value to it. There's no need to dismiss books because they are entertaining. Witches Abroad deals with human nature and human expectations and human stories, even if it doesn't take place on Earth.