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The Storm (Bold Strokes Victory Editions)

The Storm - Shelley Thrasher I could not finish this book. In fact, I was barely able to start it. Netgalley had it listed as "Literature" and "Gay and Lesbian" so I thought in the back of my brain that this would be the lesbian version of, say, Giovanni's Room or Call Me By Your Name. Nope. If it had been categorized as "Romance" I would have known to stay far, far away. I hate to say this, but I've read better fanfiction. The dialogue was cheesy and stereotypical, not authentic. The action was too rapid and confusing (we meet her best bud, he never says more than two words at a time, and then she kills him -- WHAT?). I'm sure for people looking for a cut-and-paste lesbian romance novel, with plenty of imaginative descriptions of breasts and lips, this is definitely your thing. I, meanwhile, will continue to search for a lesbian novel that speaks to me in a different way. Clare Morgan's (aka Patricia Highsmith's) Price of Salt is sitting on my bedside table; hopefully it won't be as disappointing as this book was for me.