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The Twelve

The Twelve  - Justin Cronin More like 3.5 stars? Or maybe The Passage is more like 4.5 and The Twelve is a solid 4? I wish there were more leeway with the rating system. In any case, The Twelve was good but not as extraordinary as The Passage seemed due to my own personal tastes.The Twelve takes place five years after the events of The Passage and our group of protagonists have been scattered. Each character is following his/her own path or mission. Which means less time is spent with each one. Not only that, but the cast as a whole has grown to include some very interesting but wholly unsavory people. We are taken all the way back to Year Zero to find out what exactly happened as North America fell victim to the virals. We meet some people who have either a direct or indirect impact on the events in the future. Very fascinating.But then there's the whole thing with Tifty and that group of characters. I'm sure some people feel this plotline adds something to the story as a whole, but I don't. Dull.Love and family are a major part of the trilogy, but moreso in The Twelve than was in The Passage. For me this was a major yawn factor. Also Peter and Amy's blossoming romance/UST made me want to stab myself in the eye. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book overall, mostly due to the convergence of the various plots into one spectacularly explosive conclusion. I can't wait for the third book.